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Recognizing the Piano Professionals Serving Our Community

Piano Professionals as Community Leaders

Piano professionals throughout the world are actively involved in serving on boards of directors, as volunteers, as philanthropists and/or offer services, space or resources to benefit the public and education regularly.

The piano has been at the heart of social history since its invention in the 1700's. Institutions have developed schools that depend upon it, composers have written music for it, performers have careers playing it, and many professionals are affiliated with businesses that are part of the piano industry. This group recognizes the piano professionals who have made outstanding contributions in the public, private and education sectors.

If you are a piano professional who has been a leader in your community at the local, national or international level, you are invited to apply for membership in the "Piano Professionals as Community Leaders" group on Linked in. This group and the stories posted about its members, is a resource for TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine journalists, editors and producers.

To be invited to join the Piano Professionals as Community Leaders, contact Aneka Bean